Welcome To PulzePay™ Developer Program

PulzePay™ In-App-Payments (IAP) SDK is developed from the ground up, with ease of integration in mind. It provides a simple and secure way to interface with our billing system using asynchronous network calls.

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Faster, Safer & Easier with PulzePay™

Unity and Android Support

Ready to deploy PulzePay™ SDK for Android Games with Unity3D support


Non-obtrusive and seamless purchase via simple steps on mobile

Excellent Revenue

Excellent revenue share and payout terms for Games and Application Developers


Responsive Technical Support for Implementation

Easy to Monetize

Opportunity to monetize from in-app purchase via Premium SMS and Direct Carrier Billing

Accurate Reporting

Real-time accurate reporting for decisive marketing decision

Customer service Support

Save cost with free customer service support

Wide Range Price Points

Wide range of price points for in-app purchase

Support Major Telcos

Supports major Telco and Network Operators

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships with major Telecoms and Network Operators

Bigger Coverage Than Credit Cards

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Worldwide total unique mobile users estimated at 3.6 billion units in 2015, but only 1.5 billion credit cards. In Asia, the total number of mobile users in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Philippines surpasses the number of credit cards users by almost 10 folds. With mobile payments, you could be earning more via mobile billing tapping on revenue from more than 1.7 billion mobile users.

Conversion of Mobile Billing Is Much Higher Than Credit Card

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Mobile Payment Made Easy

Step One

Developer signs-up, integrate PulzePay™ SDK into their apps

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Step Two

End users download and make purchases via in-app

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Step Three

PulzePay™ Platform processes the request for purchase

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Step Four

Developer gets paid

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Frequently Asked Questions About PulzePay™

How much revenue share can we get from using PulzeSDK?

Answer: PulzePay™ provide 3 options for revenue share models

  1. 30% on gross sales (Develop the games with SDK and we market it for you)
  2. 55% on gross sales (Develop the games with SDK and market the game by your own)
  3. Mixed (a + b) revenue share model (Ask Elite)
* All revenue share stated above is excluding VAT/GST, Country Witholding Tax and SMS Delivery cost (MT).
* Only one time sign-up fee

Payout Terms - When do i get my outpayment?

Answer: Elite will pay 15 days after receiving the Mobile Operator’s revenue payment or within 75 days from the end of transaction month, whichever comes earlier.

How can i test the apps overseas?

Answer: Elite will help outsource the testing of the compiled games and also bill back the testing cost or airtime credit used.

How can i translate the Games to local language for deployment?

Answer: Elite will source for translation services so that your game can be localized for sales.

Who will provide customer service support?

Answer: Elite will provide free customer service support and bill back Game Developers on refunds to end users. Customer service email and support number will be provided.

How long does it take from development to sale via PulzePay™?

Answer: From 7 to 14 working days**

How many games can i onboard using the PulzePay™?

Answer: Unlimited number of games